Moosecamp Jutis

A wilderness refuge in the forests of Swedish Lapland. Far away from noise, pollution and people. Here you can sleep in a cabin deep in the woods , use the unspoiled lakes to fish, kayak or swim and hike in no-man's land. Surrounded by lots and lots of moose. 


Life can not get better than this. Find Nature, find tranquility............find yourself.


This is your chance to have an unforgetable adventure in the wilderness

Welcome to Moosecamp Jutis

Moosecamp Jutis is located in the village Jutis, also known as 'the moose village'. The village is located in the municipallity of Arjeplog. The municipallity with the lowest density of Sweden.

It is a site far from roads, traffic, sounds and stress. It is a 7 Km drive over a gravel road to get to the site.

The camp is completely self supporting. Own water, own power, own heating.

 The thought behind the camp is to give you a genuine wilderness feeling by living deep in the forest. The stay should be more than just a place to sleep. It should give you the feeling of really living in the midde of all this area has to offer. This can easely be achieved by taking part in one of the adventure activities. Or maybe you would just like to wander around on your own in the wilderness.

From the camp it's a short walk to a small river that flows from Pieljekaise national parc and ends up in lake Gruttur where one can fish, swim or kayak. The water in the river and lake is so clean that you can drink it at all times.

I'm Guido, your guide.

My name is Guido van den berg. Owner of Moosecamp Jutis, Guide and general nature and wildlife lover. Born in the Netherlands but in 2011 ,at age 31, I moved to the North to live here and work on my dream of having a wilderness camp, something I have been dreaming about ever since I was a small boy.

My goal is to give my customers the best possible experience of the fantastic world I live in.

Hopefully I get to welcome you soon for an unforgetable experience

Arjeplog municipality

0.2 people/Km2 almost 9000 lakes  Home to moose, reindeer, bears, wolverine, lynx and many more animals. Plus the indigious people of the North; the Sami. This municipallity has natural beauty, culture, history, wildlife and wilderness to offer.

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Sweden's smallest and least visited National park Crossed by the world famous 'Kings trail'. And in walking distance from the camp. Through the parc the least walked part of the 'Kings trail' passes. There are well marked trails that will take you to almost every part of the park.

More information about the parc you will find here; Pieljekaise


You will find moose in whole Sweden but the area where the camp is located is known for it's high amount of this fabulous animal. The village where the camp is located is known as 'The moose village' Here the hunting team organises moose safaries in the winter with a moose guarantee. There is really no chance you will not see any moose. 

In the forest between the national parc and the camp is where the moose in spring get their calves. 

Moosecamp Jutis

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