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"One picture says more than a thousand words"


Here just a small impression of what this area has to show you. Mountains, lakes, forest, wildlife, snow, adventure, wonderfull experiences..........emptyness.


Kayaking in Lapland

Kayaking in Lapland

Join a guided tour of several hours up till a multiday trip or rent a kayak to explore one of the beautiful lakes on your own. Comfortable, easy to handle kayaks that require no prior experience.

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Adventure above the tree border.

Feel on top of the world on Mount Pieljekaise. Just a few hour walk from the camp you get the chance to experiense views of Lapland that will be with you for a lifetime.

Moosecamp Jutis

Close encounters

Get up close with the king of the forest. The mighty Moose. The area around the camp is known for its enormous amounts of moose.


Grilling in the woods

Food tastes better with friends. Especially when prepared over an open fire. At the camp you'll find a great grillplace.

Remoted lakes full of fish

In the municipallity of Arjeplog you will find 1000's of lakes that are great for fishing, swimming, kayaking and even drinking.

More fish than you could eat

There is really nothing better as to be out in nature the whole day and come back to the camp with your own-caught meal. Fresh and tasty.

Mount Pieljekaise and National parc Pieljekaise

In the smallest National parc of Sweden you will not meet many others. Relativly easy accessible and with big chances of seeing wildlife.

Team building paradise

There is no better way of becoming a solid team as to be out in the wilderness. Get to know eachother in a new way, become better friends, colleagues or even a stronger family.

Emptyness from above

The area is enormous and the population is close to none. In the area are several helicopter companies that offer you the chance to get a look from up above. A wonderfull experience

A change of mind

One of the goals of the camp and activities is to give people a change of mind about the world around us. It is hard to be untouched by the beauty that surrounds you here. This will make the whole experience to an unforgettable one.

Pure wilderness

There is litarelly no ending to the amount of rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forest and beautiful sceneries. And the best will be just YOU that is there.

At the Swedish wilderness convention

Wilderness convention

Here I'm meeting the Minister of commercial finances of Sweden to try to promote this area. He seemed genuinely intrested in sustainable nature tourism.

Cabins that go up in the forest

The camp is located in the forest. Just step out your door and be in the middle of adventure alley

Trout, arctic char, greyling, perch, monster pikes

Here you'll find a great variety of fish. Catch and release or catch and eat.

Guided hikes

A wide range of different possible hikes in the area that will bring you to untouched places.

Happy customers

A happy customer is a good customer. I do my best to give the best possible experience that will stay with you the rest of your life.


Best buddies

Me and my loyal friend that you will most defenitly get to know during your stay here. 


Moosecamp Jutis

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