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Discover lake Jutis and lake Gruttur

Guided Kayak tour

Take this chance to get to see the beautiful area around you from the water during a 4 hour guided tour Over lake Jutis and lake Gruttur.

In easy accesible kayaks you will cross 2 fantastic lakes with nothing but forest around you. Chrystal clear water that you could drink as you are sliding through it. 

No prior experience is required and if you are in average condition and can swim at least 200 meters then this might be a perfect little adventure for you.


Price: 850,- SEK p.p. with a minimum of 2 pers. (max 6)

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Included in this price is the kayak plus all needed equipment. Paddles, lifevest, sprayskirt and transport back to your car.

A light lunch with coffee and tea halfway the tour.

An enthusiastic guide that speaks Swedish, Dutch and English that is a trained life saver in water enviroment.

Experience many different aspects of Lapland in one adventure package.

Lapland explorer

Experience Lapland is a 4 day package that will bring you to almost every aspect of this area. You will slide over the water in a kayak and get to see the forests all around you, the mountains in the distance and the chrystal clear water under and around you. Catch your own fish, get up close with the king of the forest, the Moose, enjoy fantastic sceneries and stay in a cabin in the middle of it all. A fantastic way of experiencing and living the live we have here. And the best of it....it doesnt get dark at all. 


Price 4550,- SEK p.p. with a minimum of 2 persons. (max 6)

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This includes

Swedish/dutch/English speaking guide during the whole package. 

Kayaks including all equipment as paddles, lifevests, sprayskirts, waterproof bags

Lunch on the first 3 days plus coffee and tea during the whole stay

Transports between the different activities from and to your car.

Accommodation in 4 person cabins on Moosecamp jutis, bedlinnen, free showering at the camp.


A short tour with lots to offer

Lapland explorer 'Lite'

This tour is a shorter version of the above Lapland Explorer tour. This tour will contain 1 day of kayaking and 1 day of hiking. You will get to see the same area but with a little more speed in it. The same lakes will be kayaked on and the same beautiful top wil be climbed.


Price 2400,- SEK with a minimum of 2 persons (max 6)

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This includes;

A guide during the whole package that speaks Dutch, English an Swedish.

Kayaks plus all the needed equipment as lifevest, sprayskirt, waterproof bags and transport to the start or end of the trip.

1 night accommodation at the Moosecamp Jutis including bedlinnen and free shower.

Lunch on both activity days.

Free coffee and tea during the whole tour.


Optional is an extra night stay at the camp before or after the actual tour. This will be for a reduced price. Costs will be depending on the amount of guests that wish to stay.






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Discover europe's last real wilderness. 

Guided tours, tailor made

Moosecamp Jutis is located in the deep forests between the village Jutis and the mountain Pieljekaise. There is some simple trails in the area but with the help of an experienced guide you can go practicaly everywhere. The possibilities are almost limitless. From a short 2 hour tour up to a multi day hike or combination of kayaking, hiking, fishing. We are extremely flexible for 2 reasons; we want you to have the best possible experience and we defenitly want you to see as much as possible of the area. There are places that you would never read or hear about if you plan your own trip.


We arrange tours according to your wishes, get in touch for more information.

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We arrange tours according to your wishes, get in touch for more information.

Discover lake Jutis and lake Gruttur

Kayak rental

Go out with friends or on your own and feel the tranquility of sliding through the water in a kayak. Completely silent you get a different kind of feeling of the surface. There is an unlimited amount of lakes around us that you could explore. Some of them are totally unushed.

There is 6 kayaks that can be rented from a few hours up to a week. Paddles, sprayskirt and lifevest are included. If wanted one can rent waterproof bags.

The kayaks have the biggest opening you will find and are therefore easy accesible and suitable for everyone that can swim, they are extremely stable and almost impossible to tip over.. The back rest of the seat can be flipped up so you can store some smaller bags or drinks behind it. 


Kayak rental. (all prices are in Swedish Crowns and include paddles and lifevest)

2 hours               180,-

4 hours               250,-

Whole day           400,-

2 wholde days     650,-

Week                1300,-

More info:

The lakes around the camp are long but narrow. This means you will never be far from the shore. Accordingly you will not have to be an olympic swimmer but at least you would have to be able to swim 200 meter. 

The minimum age for rental withou adults is 16. If adults are with this is 12 years of age.

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