Wilderness and wildlife

General Information

The camp contains 3 cabins that can house up to 4 people each. The have a bedroom with 4 bunk beds and a small living room with comfy chairs.. The cabins are placed in such a way that the entry side is directed to the forest. You will not see your neighbours when sitting on the porch enjoying the sounds of the forest.

In the cabins is no electricity. Candles and oillamps will bring light in the darkness.

At the site there is a traditional 'Grill kåta' where you can sit inside around a fire. This will create a fantastic opportunity to get closer to eachother while grilling some meat or just enjoying the heat of the fire whilst sitting on reindeer skins. The kåta holds up to about 10 people people and is a great place to meet the other people that stay at the camp. 

There is a fully equiped kitchen with solar energy so that there is light and batteries or phones could be charged. There is running water that gets pumped up from 220+ meter with a generator and a gas heater to get warm water. The stove is on gas so you could prepare a meal for yourself or your company. Outside the kitchen is a dug out earth fridge. A basic and simple way of keeping your food and drinks cool. 


There are 2 showers that can be used when the generator is running. 

 The 2 toilets are 'dry toilets', simple but functional.

How to get here

The camp is located just under the Arctic circle in Swedish Lappland. About 1100 Km further North from Stockholm. Reachable by car over good roads through the middle of Sweden or following the coast line in the East of the country. A slightly faster road but less wild as the road through the inland, the 'Inlandsvägen' .

By plane you can get relatively close but it will always leave you with a part to drive.

There is direct flights from several airports in Germany to Arvidsjaur airport which is about 150 Km from the camp. Otherwise there is a number of connecting flights each day from Stockholm to Arvidsjaur.  From Arvidsjaur you can take a bus that conects directly to the flights to take you to the centre of Arjeplog. From here you can get a pick up to the camp. Alternative is to rent a car at the airport. Especially when done in good time ahead this is a relatively cheap way of transport in Sweden. It wil also give you some extra freedom of exploring the area in which distances can be quite big.


One can also fly to the airports of Skellefteå, Luleå or Bodö (Norway). These are all a bit further but in general have a bit better connection in Stockholm plus that the flights are in general a bit cheaper to these airports. From these airports it is almost a must to rent a car.



Moosecamp Jutis

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